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What is a cookie?

A cookie is small text file stored on your computer´s hard drive to remember which parts of the site you have previously visited, remembering user preferences for your next visit to the site. In some cases, cookies are crucial to the performance of the site and will, e.g., remember your login details when moving from page to page. Cookies are used to track user preferences, allowing websites to easily modify design and functionality to enhance the user experience.

Why does Intomoda.co.uk use cookies?

Intomoda.co.uk uses cookies to enhance your user experience by remembering which parts of the site you have previously visited, allowing us to make the displayed content more relevant in the future. Further, Intomoda.co.uk uses cookies to track sales and collect statistics and data on user preferences to optimise and improve the site.

How to disable cookies?

To disable the use of cookies, please visit your web browser. Below, you will find some links on how to disable cookies when using a major web browser:

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